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World AUTO immune & AUTO inflammatory Arthritis Day 


This event historically unites thousands of people in 60+ countries worldwide to drive global awareness and education about the Autoimmune and Auto-inflammatory diseases that include inflammatory-driven arthritis. There is no other globally program focused on Autoimmune Arthritis and associated diseases that is as big and has the potential global reach as World Autoimmune Arthritis Day.

Lack of awareness leads to relationship conflicts, delayed diagnosis, compromised quality of life, and elevated healthcare costs. Education about these diseases, including the fact they are full body diseases affecting many parts (joints, tissues, organs) is necessary to improve the lives of the 450 million worldwide affected. For these reasons, there is World Autoimmune & Auto inflammatory arthritis Day onMay 20th annually.

May; Arthritis Awareness Month

In the United States, more than 350 million people have arthritis, a term that covers a wide variety of conditions, including osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid-arthritis, and more than 100 other health issues that cause joint pain and stiffness. This May during Arthritis Awareness Month, wear blue to support awareness of this disease.

Arthritis Awareness month is an important chance to stop and recognize the impact that arthritis has on individuals life with these conditions. Cancer gets a lots of attention and research dollars because people know the impact that cancer has on a patient and the patient’s loved ones. Though it’s markedly more common, the general public has a harder time knowing which it could be just as impactful on a patient’s life and also impacts the family.

Arthritis Awareness Day

It can be hard to live with a lifelong chronic disease, but you can learn more and find support with these dedicated awareness program. Arthritis Awareness Day is a great chance to raise consciousness about arthritis, since so many within the arthritis community are mobilized to amplify this message. This is a big chance to support the community with education, advocacy, and research opportunities, and to shine a spotlight on the causes and the ways to manage the different types of arthritis.

Parsian pharmaceutical Co. has manufactured tofacitinib, which is classified in a new class of medicines called JAK inhibitors, can be used in a group of conditions that related to inflammatory and auto-immunity diseases and has benefits in arthritis disorders. There is more information about tofacitinib and JAK inhibitors in our recent articles :

Tofacitinib the first FDA approved JAK inhibitor

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