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Parsian Pharma Manufacturing

is a leading company specialized in the production of high-quality and cost-effective generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Our commitment lies in offering a diverse range of APIs across various treatment segments. With a strong focus on research and development, we are continuously expanding our portfolio.

Over the years, Parsian has fostered successful collaborations for the transfer of cutting-edge technologies to synthesize and produce novel APIs and granules in Iran. Our expertise and dedication in this domain enable us to provide reliable solutions to meet the growing demand for affordable and accessible pharmaceutical products.

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Competitive Advantages

Some of our competitive advantages are:

  • Hardworking, young and scientific team
  • Knowledge-base company
  • Very high agility and flexibility
  • Close connection with research centers
  • Priority of quality over price
  • Comprehensive customer support 
API & Granuls
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Formulation and Granulation

Synthesis and Analysis of APIs

To be the Best in Quality

Research & Development


Parsian pharmaceutical Co. implements numerous cooperation projects with leading pharmaceutical companies throughout Iran for meeting the domestic pharmaceutical industries need for high-tech active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and granules i.e. General API,   Hazardous API and Hazardous granule with cutting-edged technology and high standards, as one of the most evolved industries in Iran.

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