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Parsian pharma group at first was Inspired by the dedication, mentoring, and leadership of the late Dr. Abbas Shafiee
Parsian Pharmaceutical Company established in 2009 in Avicenna National Biotechnology Park with the aim of meeting the domestic market need for high-tech Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and oncology medications by relying on collaborative knowledge and hands-on experience of accomplished scientific members of pharmaceutical department of University of Tehran



As the first project, company designated Imatinib Mesylate production project—possessing a wide range of applications in treatment of cancer, and in 2011 company synthesized, and presented it to pharmaceutical companies for finished product formulation
At the same time, Quality Control Laboratory was equipped with the newest, sate-of-the-art, and accurate instruments and facilities in the world; knowledgeable and accomplished employees were recruited in such fields as Quality Control (QC), Synthesis, Quality Assurance (QA), and Research and Development (R&D). Also company prospered to produce and present two other medications—that is—Letrozole and Riluzole, used to treat breast cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in accordance with accurate and hardest international standards for synthesis respectively



In 2015, Parsian Pharmaceutical Company succeeded to obtain two invaluable certificates—namely Iranian GMP Export and Iranian GMP Production Certificate—from Food and Drug Administration based on its visions and missions and after inspections by the experts of the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it named as the first and only company producing the hazardous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in accordance with the international certificates of Food and Drug Administration in Iran



n 2017, in order to increase the product portfolio and also increase the production volume, the company constructed a factory in Baharestan industrial zone. In this regard, the company designed and ordered the most up-to-date equipment in compliance with current world standards by considering the requirements for the production of Hazardous Active Pharmaceutical Products
On the other hand, due to the requirements related to the production of Hazard products and the lack of sufficient facilities and equipment in companies producing the finished product, the company also put granule production on its agenda to reduce the concerns of finished-product-producing companies and facilitate the drug formulation process. Hence, to design and equip the production line of hazardous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, the granule production line was also designed and equipped


of New Production Site

Finally, in 2019, a new production site was put into operation and the company succeeded in obtaining Iranian GMP certificate on three production lines—that is—hazard, general, and granular active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from the Food and Drug Administration


Domestic Needs

in 2021 At present, Parsian Pharmaceutical Company has put production of such API and granules as anti-cancer, diabetes, MS, cardiovascular ones on the agenda by relying on hands-on experiences and has been able to make the country self-sufficient
Also, by considering the knowledge-based nature of Parsian Pharmaceutical Company and based on the main mission of the company, which is the focus on Research and Development and offering new products to the market of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and granules, the company has more than 20 active projects in the Research and Development and analysis phase to be investigated and industrialized, which will be launched to the country’s market based on priorities and needs after meeting the necessary standards


the New Era

Parsian Pharma is strategically positioning itself to become a key player in the domestic market by venturing into high-tech drugs, particularly peptide drugs. The company is also gearing up to expand its footprint onto the global stage, with initial initiatives already in progress.