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Our Services

Parsian Pharmaceutical Company provides advanced and unique technical services throughout the drug life cycle, from the development of the idea of ​​molecule synthesis to the commercial production of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients in accordance with the latest pharmaceutical technology and needs and requests of companies producing pharmaceutical products. Parsian’s team of experts closely cooperates with pharmaceutical companies to turn ideas and projects into attractive products for the market at every stage of development.

Parsian Pharmaceutical Company has always been able to progress and develop its product portfolio by relying on the knowledge and capabilities of its specialists. Now Parsian Pharmaceutical Co. is continuously expanding its portfolio with more than 50 types of molecules under development and also stepping into the field of production high-tech peptide drug active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Meeting domestic need for API & Granule

Parsian pharmaceutical company implements numerous cooperation projects with leading pharmaceutical companies throughout Iran for meeting the domestic pharmaceutical industries need for high-tech active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and granules i.e. General API,   Hazardous API and Hazardous granule with cutting-edged technology and high standards, as one of the most evolved industries in Iran.

In these years of activities, Parsian pharmaceutical company has been cooperating in the transfer of technologies for synthesizing and production of any kind of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and granules in Iran.

Features and Capabilities

Parsian’s production lines comply with Iranian GMP standards, and one of the key distinguishing strengths of Parsian pharmaceutical company is that it has obtained export good manufacturing pra–ctice (Export GMP) certificate for all of production lines of General API,   Hazardous API and Hazardous granule from the ministry of health and medical education of Islamic republic of Iran and food and drug organization of Iran (I FDA), in 2021.

Parsian pharmaceutical Co has obtained numerous certificates and accomplishments such as being an innovative knowledge-based company, evolved pharmaceutical company and also more than 17 Patent certificates throughout its years of activities.

Due to one of the prominent parts of our vision, doing our responsibilities for humanities and patients to be healed and cured with the newest choice of treatment, we are day by day being more eager to do our best with most up to date pharmaceutical knowledge by our great expert scientists. All these factors, as well as Parsian’s standards and principles which is accompanied by high level of logistics and inventory management, its High-tech equipment  contribute to a high degree of confidence from partners, leading to expand cooperation between Parsian pharmaceutical Co and leading Iranian pharmaceutical industries.